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For the past five years, Michigan is yet again the state with the highest car insurance rates. Car insurance rates in the state were averaging at around $2,239 during 2018. Michigan’s average is $874 or 64% higher than the average for the whole U.S. of $1,365.

The reason for Michigan’s expensive insurance is due to their no-fault car insurance system. Michigan, as with any other no-fault state, requires that all drivers carry personal injury protection or PIP. If an accident were to happen, PIP covers medical expenses for not only the policyholder but those who live in the household as well as passengers.

Lousiana is not too far when it comes to car insurance rates. The average car premium for Lousiana is 56% higher than the average national premium.

Below is a list of the most expensive car insurance in states according to those at

States With The Top Car Insurance Rates

National average $1,365
1.Michigan $2,239
2.Louisiana $2,126
3.Florida $2,050
4.Rhode Island $1,852
5.Connecticut $1,831
6.DC $1,827
7.California $1,731
8.Georgia $1,668

The Least Expensive States Car Insurance Rates

National average $1,365
1.Vermont $932
2.Ohio $944
3.Idaho $989
4.Virginia $1,013
5.Iowa $1,025

According to, there are other factors besides state that makes insurance premiums rise.

Age and gender.
Woman tend to have lower premiums than men. The reason being statistics that show that females have fewer auto accidents than men.


Older drivers tend to pay way less premiums than young drivers.

Location of your car

If you live in a city riddled with crime, your rates may be higher than those living in a nice suburb.

Driving record.

If you have a history of auto accidents and violations due to driving on your record, you could see a huge spike in your premium.


Car Type

Those who drive minivans typically have lower car insurance rates than those driving a sports car. 24/7 Wall Street says that expensive cars such as TTesla Model S four-door electric averages $1,789 for the premium. The Mercedes-Benz S class four-door’s premium averages around $1,540/ The Mitsubishi Lancer averages a $1,458 premium. The Scion FR-S averages a $1,403 premium. Cheaper cars such as the Subaru Outback averages an annual premium of $539.

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