Automakers Tesla,VW Make Top 5 List of Best Selling Cars This October


The majority of automakers have seen a significant dip in the sales of passenger cars over the last few years. Meanwhile, the sales of crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks have increased.

The American preference has shifted to larger vehicles thanks to the improvements in fuel economy and lower gas prices.

This shift has shown a significant effect on the mixture of sales at major automakers. Almost two-thirds of the vehicles sold last month from Toyota were indeed the SUVs, pickups, and crossovers.

The Japenese automaker, although mostly known for its stalwart sedans, is starting to become a truck and SUV brand in the United States.

Other automakers have chosen this path on their own accord. Ford recently announced its plan to discontinue the majority of its passenger cars. Fiat Chrysler has already done so.

At least one car, however, still seems to be holding its ground against the larger vehicles.

Placing first in the list of hottest vehicles in the U.S. for October is that very car. The following list isn’t based merely on the volume of sales. Otherwise, the Ford F series would always rank as first.

This list bases its choices off of subjective but also an analytical assessment of sales volume, momentum, and buzz.

1.) Tesla Model 3

It’s hard to deny that the Tesla Model 3 is approaching, disruptive force for the auto industry.

Even though Tesla doesn’t report their sales on a monthly basis, consumers purchased about 55,840 of the Model 3 cars in the third quarter covering July through September.

Tesla, with its simple three models for sale, outsold their luxury rival Mercedes-Benz during the U.S’. third quarter.

The average cost of the car began at $49,000 during the third quarter, a stunning price for sure.

2.) Toyota Highlander

The switch from passenger cars to SUVs and pickup trucks for Toyota is a striking one for a brand that capitalized on the lack of small cars in the American auto industry in past years.

However, the fact that two of their three vehicles sold in America for October were not passenger cars is a sign of how adaptable Toyota can be.

The perfect example is the Highlander. October saw this vehicle’s best-ever sales at a staggering 20,548. This number is 17.7 percent higher than the previous year. The Highlander was the fourth-best seller of the brand that month.

3.) Toyota Tacoma

While the industry waits for the arrival of a fierce competitor, the midsize pickup is gaining sales. The competitor in question is the once-dead Ford Ranger.

Tacoma sales rose a surprising 24.9 percent last month to a total of 20,534 units. The Tacoma is now up 25.3 percent this year.

4.) Subaru Forester

Possibly the hottest brand of automobile in the United States, Subaru had 83 months consecutively of year-over-year growth in sales.

October saw the recently redesigned Forester SUV jump 19 percent to a total of 15,981. Sales for this new model and outgoing version together make it the best-seller for Subaru in October. It even surpassed the Outback.

5.) Volkswagen Atlas

The large SUV helped out VW since the automotive company sent it to the showrooms back in the spring of 2017. Even though VW is low on SUVs, the Atlas gives dealers something to sell in that field to an ever rising in popularity segment.

Rising above the Passat as the third-best-selling vehicle for the month for VW, the Atlas is only just behind the Jetta and Tiguan.

Volkswagen sold 4,725 of these vehicles for October. This increase is a 29 percent rise from the year previous.

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