ATV Insurance: Just As Important As Car Insurance


Do you own an ATV also known as an all-terrain vehicle? Then more than likely you have already taken the necessary safety precautions when you travel off the road with your ATV. ATV insurance is just as important as car insurance. It protects yourself and love ones just in case an accident occurs.

Nowadays, all-terrain-vehicle insurance is a legal requirement but depends on where are you riding/driving your off road vehicles. The Insurance Institute says that you have to carry some all-terrain-vehicle insurance when you are driving on state-owned land in most parts of the United States. Although some in states such as Pennsylvania, they require you to carry proof of insurance whenever or wherever you are driving/riding in your all-terrain-vehicle.

Does Car Insurance Or Homeowners Insurance Cover My ATV?

Unfortunately, neither car insurance or homeowners insurance will cover or protect your beloved ATV. All-terrain-vehicles are not protected by a basic car insurance policy according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

How much does ATV Insurance Cover?

The best type of insurance for your ATV is just to have a separated policy. Let’s face it, all-terrain vehicles are fun but need protection as well. Most all-terrain-vehicle insurances would protect you, your family and other people if someone were to get in an accident.

Different Types of ATV insurance policies and coverage’s

The basic is liability coverage, which covers you in a case of an accident that ended in someone being hurt or that caused damage to your all-terrain-vehicle or someone else’s property. Liability coverage for your ATV will assist in paying for the other person’s medical bills repairing any damages done.
The best arrangement for your all-terrain-vehicle is a far-reaching scope.  This scope may help pay to settle the damage. You can call your insurance agent, so they can help you understand of coverage and their limits.

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