Alamo Car Rental Review

Alamo Car Rental Review

Alamo Car Rental Review Overview

It is rare to find non-bias Alamo car rental review because the company is a subset of Enterprise. (Though they don’t exactly advertise the relationship between the two companies). You’re not going to get the full “Enterprise Experience” when you decide to rent a vehicle through Alamo. Though it will be as close as humanly possible, with most of the “creature comforts” stripped away.

Everything about Alamo and their car rental service is about keeping prices as low as possible. Doing this without giving you the keys to some rundown 15-year-old vehicle that might not work after you drive off of the lot. It’s clear that this is the Enterprise companies answer to competitors like Budget that are looking to compete entirely on price.

Even still, Alamo can provide you with short or long-term vehicle rentals. They are pretty inexpensive and almost look like they have come directly from Enterprise lots. (After Enterprise is done with them, of course). Giving you a unique experience to slide behind the wheel of a flashy but not expensive rental whenever you need one.

Alamo Car Rental Review Pros

First of all, it’s tough to beat Alamo on price, if you have a car rental services in your local area.

Unfortunately, Alamo isn’t exactly rolling out their franchises on a nationwide scale quite yet. (Something that will touch on in just a moment). Although, if you are lucky enough to have one in your area, it will likely become your go to rental service. Unless you’re looking for something special that you’ll only get at Enterprise.

Secondly, Alamo cars come with all kinds of benefits that most other budget basement priced rentals don’t, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • GPS navigation units
  • Automated toll passes that you don’t have to pay for
  • Baby car seats for safety
  • And a handful of other extras you won’t find anywhere else

You’ll definitely appreciate the little details that Alamo gets right that so many other rock-bottom price services get so very wrong.

Alamo Car Rental Review Cons

On the flip side of things, of course, Alamo is still a budget car rental service.

Though they have a large fleet of vehicles to choose from (and most of them, as mentioned above, look like they have just rolled off of an Enterprise lot after being “retired” from service with that company). They aren’t the newest vehicles you’ll find in the rental world though they might be some of the safest.

Secondly, there aren’t a tremendous amount of Alamo franchises throughout the country just yet.

Yes, this company is definitely growing, and yes, there are plans to continue to expand operations. Although, Alamo hasn’t taken off quite the same way that Enterprise did when it first entered the space.

Alamo Car Rental Review Final Verdict

This Alamo car rental review showed that those looking for inexpensive but safe. Alamo car rentals are attractive rental vehicles are going to fall in love with the service that Alamo provides.

However, if you are traveling from one area to another on a one way style trap. Verifying that there is an Alamo car rental service at your destination so that you can drop off the vehicle.

That’s not always the case, and something that you’ll want to knock out well ahead of time.

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