2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata: The Car You Need

a beautiful 2019 mazda MX-5 miata on the coast

Sometimes, when the humdrum of life becomes too overwhelming, an escape on the road is just what you need. Imagine, almost like a movie, the sweet, warm air of summer whips through your hair. You’re driving a sleek red 2-seater convertible with your favorite passenger to your right. But, this doesn’t have to be a fantasy when you rent the 2019 Mazda-MX Miata for your next road trip

A Quick Look at the Miata

Like most sports cars, the Miata offers a very sleek and desirable convertible look. With a retractable fastback roof, the vehicle can quickly go from coupe to convertible with the touch of a remote.

The interior to the Miata does not fall short either. The most common interior consists of a black leather cabin, contrasting with bright red stitching and aluminum accents. If a black interior is not for you or the exterior is painted in a darker color, there are other options to keep you riding in style. Sport Tan leather and Auburn can be an excellent alternative.

It’s important to note that the Miata is not ideal for comfortable long trips. Most often bought for fun and luxury rather than accommodating for a busy lifestyle, the low seats present a challenge when entering and exiting. They also tend to be quite snug, especially with the inclusion of three pedals on the driver’s side. 

The car does, however, feature heated seats and an efficient heating system if you plan on driving during the colder months. Also, the convertible roof does an excellent job at temperature regulation in the warmer months. If you are concerned about your hair tossing too much, roll up the windows, and you’ll be fine. 

Extra Features 

The car also features other inclusion such as Bluetooth capabilities, USB ports, and an emergency notification system. Mazda Connect and a 7in digital display allow for a lot of hands-free controls, including voice commands. 

Pack Light 

If you’re traveling in a Miata, try to pack as light as possible because storage is almost nonexistent. This car is small, with a trunk roughly the size of a washing machine and no glove box. There is, however, a convenient lockbox between the two seats, which is very useful for stowing away small items. 

What about Fuel?

Great news! The Miata does very well when it comes to mileage at 26.6 miles per gallon. 

Driving Dynamics

The most beautiful feature of driving a car like the Miata is how you’ll feel the connection between yourself, the vehicle, and the road while driving. It is a real sports car that gives the ultimate feel for each acceleration and brake with precise steering capabilities. 

Although fast cars tend to not ride well at slower speeds, this isn’t the case for the 2019 Miata. Compared to previous models, the 2-liter 4-cylinder engine switches seamlessly between different gears to offer a smooth ride. 

Last Words

Although the Miata is not made for practicality or toting around the whole family, it will offer a driving experience that you will never forget. 

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