2017 Ford Escape Debuts, Cranks Up The Technology

Ford Escape

The new recipe for the 2017 Ford Escape is not complicated. Mix space and service with a dash of off-road capabilities and elevated seating positions. To make an impression with the new 2017 Escape, Ford’s approach is to make just a few small styling adjustments and to fit as much of the latest technology features as possible, along with a set of EcoBoost engines.

Control Tech

2017 welcomes the 1.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine and an improved version of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost. The 1.5-liter will come standard in both the Titanium and SE trim levels. It should produce 185 lb-ft of torque and 180 horsepower. The 2.0 liter EcoBoost has new pistons and an updated exhaust manifold for better efficiency and refinement with 245 hp and 275 lb-ft.

The newest generation of Ford’s Sync Connect technology will make its nationwide debut in the 2017 Escape. The Sync Connect lets owners communicate with their vehicles through a smartphone app. The app will allow locking/unlocking operations and a remote start. It also allows owners to schedule future start times and check how much fuel is in the tank. Customers will also receive reports regarding future vehicle service appointments like oil changes. Owners will even have a vehicle locator option if they misplace their Escape. To access the app, you must complete an authentication process in two steps.  Ford hopes this way, they will keep hackers and car thieves away.

Auto stop and start is standard on 2017 Escapes, and Ford tried to make its operation as imperceptible as possible. Auto stop and start brings a unique battery, claiming to improve fuel efficiency in stop-and-go traffic by 4-6 percent. It also has a stronger starter motor and a complementary climate control pump.

New technology in the 2017 Escape includes flexible cruise control with collision warning, brake pre-conditioning, lane-assist alerts, and improved parking assist, which now works in parallel parking situations. Coming back to the Escape in 2017 are the hill-start assist, blind-spot monitoring, display foot-activated tailgate, and automatic high beams.


Aside from the trapezoidal grille, the 2017 Ford Escape easily looks like the earlier model. However, plenty of new sheet metal has been added to the shape. The 2017 model’s fenders and headlamps are improved, as well as the aluminum hood. To help keep the interior quiet, Ford added to the acoustic insulation in the front doors, A-pillars, and fender liners.

To free up space and also add extra storage in the console, Ford removed the manual parking brake lever and put in an electronic button. The shifter is now where the brake lever used to be, and the armrest is also longer. The new steering wheel has re-designed controls, and they upped the USB port amps for faster charging.

Three additional colors join the order sheet in Canyon Ridge, Lightning Blue, and White Gold, as well as six updated wheel design sizes up to 19 inches.

Ford sold over 300,000 Escapes just in 2014. With these numbers, it’s easy to see why they are treading lightly with the updates to their popular compact crossover.

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