2016-Which Car Will Be Right For You?

Which Car Will Be Right For You?

When it comes to choosing a good car, understanding the many different types that are available today is important in order to make the right choice. From sedans to convertibles to SUV’s to Coupes, there are many options that will leave you confused, not knowing which model to choose. As a rule of thumb, determine the purpose of the vehicle first before you go ahead to select a car that suits your needs. Here are most popular car models, styles, and their purposes to help you purchase a good vehicle. So for 2016, which car will be right for you?

Eco-Friendly Cars

Also known as green vehicles, Eco-friendly cars are those that incorporate new technology meant to reduce carbon emissions. Today, many countries are trying to encourage manufacturers to produce these vehicles as part of their contribution, by reducing air pollution and promoting clean transportation. If you are looking to buy Eco-friendly vehicles, you have many options. You can go for hybrid cars, which use electric motors and an internal combustion engine. There are now viable electric cars, which are propelled by motors using electrical energy. Also, there are ethanol cars, which use domestically produced fuel made from plants like corn, cane, and sugar. Examples of Eco-friendly cars include 2013 MKZ Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, 2013 Fit Honda EV, Jetta Hybrid Volkswagen, and C-Max Ford Energi.

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

SUV’s are larger vehicles mounted on small truck-like chassis. Most of these cars are specifically designed to suit off-road drives, with many fitted with four doors. Most select these models because they have high ground clearance, extreme power, high load ability, and comparatively big tires. If you have a large family, you can enjoy more room for the extra passengers.. Although you can find SUV’s fitted with beautiful, luxurious interior, few of them have this feature. Most are, however, very comfortable, even when driving in rocky or hilly terrain. Some popular examples include Nissan Murano, Range Rover Evoque, and Toyota Fortuna.

Crossover Cars (CUVs)

Looking at these vehicles for the first time, one might be hard pressed to determine if they are station wagons or hatchbacks, because they incorporate both designs. CUVs are one of the best selling models with an amazing rate of success. They have a large seating capacity, 4-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and tall interior (just like SUV’s). They also have features like great fuel efficiency, good handling, and two box design (just like station wagons). If you love going for road trips with family or friends along with more cargo, then these cars are the best option. Some of the popular examples today are Ford EcoSport, Palio, and Audi Q.

Hatchbacks Cars

Just as the name suggests, these cars are designed with back door entry, which can be shared by passengers and cargo. Hatchback vehicles mainly have a two-box design with three pillars (A, B and C), although, in some cases, some models come with a fourth pillar (D). On a closer look, you will think they are station wagons but they differ in design and features. A good example in the market today is Ford Fiesta, which is a modern hatchback model with small windows and a curved back.

Auto Sedans

Auto Sedan cars are quite common and are still very popular with all age groups. They are commonly four-door cars with four seats or more, and covered with roof tops that are fixed. In Britian, these cars are referred to as Saloons. They come in various variants and classes, with most having adequate space for sitting and keeping cargo. Depending on the target market, you can find some sedans made with high-end features and others incorporating basic features to suit customers on a budget. Some of the most popular examples include Hyundai Xcent, Ford Classic, Toyota Etios, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla Altis, Chevrolet Cruze, and Audi A3.

Coupe Style Autos

Coupe style autos come with two long doors and two or four seats. On a closer look, you will realize that the front part appears longer compared to other cars. Coupes are equipt with great performing engines for speed and power, and the body is enclosed with a roof, but you can also find some models made with the convertible feature. A good example of coupe style auto is the Mercedes-Benz SLR-McLaren. It is classy, elegant, and very powerful when it comes to speed.

Can AMS cars

These are small cars that are common for racing, but some celebrities and individuals buy them for pleasure. They incorporate giant engines, thunder power, and lap speeds. They are faster, compared to Formula One cars, and built to survive demanding road courses. Some of the popular options available are McLaren M12, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, Lola T70, Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, and Ford G7.

Roadster car

In the past few decades, this term referred to a two-seat open car with possibilities of optional soft or hard tops and low weather protection. Today, however, roadsters are convertible cars with two seats. Some people say that these cars are just a variant of the popular Spyder style cars, only that they challenge their speed. Common examples include Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster and Tesla Roadster Signature 250 Edition.

Ultimately, there is a car style for everyone. Perhaps your thinking about a passenger vehicle, cargo van, minivan, a compact car or a midsize car. Maybe a convertible, luxury car or a Pickup truck is on your list. Whether it’s a four-door sedan, three-door or two-door, one can find any model and style they want. We haven’t even mentioned motorcycles or MPVs! From electric cars to diesel fuel vehicles, in 2016, you have many choices.

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